Day nine

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Yes, we’re back by popular demand*, only four more days to go and we can all make ourselves sick on Christmas selection boxes. I’m looking forward to JellyTots. The cat will have something savoury. She Who Must Will Be Locked In A Cupboard For The Good Of Humanity will have far too much chocolate and go on a sugar-crazed rampage of destruction. A bit like Godzilla, only smaller and with a Fife accent.

Anyway, today we have a relaxing story about healthy living and the kind of love only the Christmas season can bring. Oh, and there might be some strippers too...

09: Ladies Dancing

All of which is a lot more wholesome than the scurrilous rhyming slander on A Certain Canadian’s blog. First I’m evil, and now this? Real person slash fic! Nooooo!

* Well, I say ‘popular’, but we all know the truth now, don’t we?