What do you get for the cat who has everything?

Well not everything, I mean she doesn’t have worms* or anything like that (not that we know of anyway), but other than that she’s pretty well pampered. A nice warm house, plenty of erudite conversation, and all the wicker frog’s** feet she can eat. Yup, for Little Miss life is pretty damn sweet.

The only trouble is she’s just not a kitten anymore. In addition to recent multiple shrew homicides (drive-by pouncings mostly) she’s also about to cross that Rubicon from which there is no return. On Wednesday she becomes one year old. After that it’s all wrinkles and crows feet. Only in this case they’ll probably still be attached to the crow.

I’m planning a modest bash, just Madame La Peep and She Who Must Wear A Party Hat Or She’s Not Getting Any Cake, some balloons and maybe a couple of them little furry mice things made out of rabbit fur.

What do you mean that’s not normal?

* Otherwise I would recruit them into my Secret Ninja Worm Army and then we’d see some bloody changes round here, oh Hell yes!
** Well, we only have one wicker frog, sot technically it’s only four feet, and she’s not allowed to eat them anyway. She just does.