It am been a while

Yes, I know I've been very indolent of late, but I blame that on stuff. Stuff, and THINGS. Yes, STUFF and THINGS - not my fault at all, I mean, I'm not God, am I?*

But anyway, I was going to post about a number of topics close to my bile ducts, but instead I decided to try and get some work done on Book Number The Fifth - or BLIND EYE to give the thing its official title. Yup. So now we go: COLD GRANITE, DYING LIGHT, BROKEN SKIN, FLESH HOUSE, BLIND EYE. God knows what two-word title we'll end up with for Book Number The Sixth, but I know it's probably going to be a vast pain in my fuzzy backside to come up with.

And speaking of fuzzy things, I have to say the following to the manufacturers of that stuff you're supposed to pipette onto the back of your cat's head: "BOLLOCKS!" And then I'd like to throw in some fairly explicit hand gestures, involving two, or fewer fingers.

Yes, I'm sure that splodging foul-smelling goop onto the back of your pet's head is a great idea, but not when you have a Maincoon cat. No, you see a Maincoon cat has two layers of fur: an outer hairy fur, and an inner fluffy fur. So what happens is that instead of 'absorbing into the skin' the foul-smelling goop is sooked up by the hair and in about fifteen minutes your cat resembles a punk-rocker with laxative in his hair. Not the best of looks, I think you'll agree.

You know, there was a point to this post, but I can't remember what it was. Probably something about nipples... Anyway, I suppose I should also point your deviant things towards Thursday in Birmingham, where I'm going to be doing a thing with the ever lovely Mr M Billingham, and his fellow Brummue, Mr RJ Ellory (of Richard and Judy fame, nonetheless) on Thursday the 14th at 18:30.

I've been promised Dancing Girls, but I'm not sure if I'll share them or not. Mine, you hear? ALL MINE!!!

But in the meantime, here is a link to teh best wibsit on teh intraweb...

Although I do have a beard, and have been known to slack off on a Sunday (not often though)...

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