So here it is...

Grendel stalks the Christmas baubles.

Remember I said a while ago that I'd been mugged by the hairy muse? I was to go write 12 short stories for Christmas, based round the old song. What a stupid bloody idea that was. But I'm doing it anyway. So every day from now till Christmas Eve I'll be posting a new shortie up on the old website and linking to it from here*.

But I want something from you in return. If you like the story I want you to click on this big button:

click on this button to feed someone - for free - who's hungry

And if you don't like it: click on the button anyway. Just to spite me. You'll be taken to the HungerSite and there you'll find another button (yes, another one) that says 'Help Feed The Hungry'. Click on it. When you do a big multinational corporation buys a cup of staple foodstuffs for someone who's hungry. It costs you nothing** and someone gets to eat. You can click once a day (one per Christmas story) and every time you do - someone eats.

Oh yes. I'm a fool for all that Christmas Spirit Malarkey.

And now, to our the first story...

A partridge in a pear tree.

* Yes: it does sound like a lot of work to entertain / disturb / bore the three or four people who pop past here on a regular basis, but as I think I've said before: I'm an idiot. And it seemed like a good idea at the time.
** OK you've got to look at some advertising things, but you can always close your eyes and hum the theme tune to 'the Muppet Show'