Sound bells and trumpets* for I have done the deed of DOOM!

Yes indeed – second draft now all typed up, zipped and sent off to Agent Phil (those aren’t Malteasers) for safe keeping. Hahahahahahahahaaaa… From 150, 359 beautifully-crafted words down to 135,422. Not quite 10%, but near enough for the price of aardvarks. I’m sure I can shave those extra 99 words when I give it another quick run through.


Now, all that remains is to force She Who Must Be Coerced Into Reading Anything I Write Before It Gets Published to read it so I can talk to her about how it reads and I’ll be set for the second pass. And I have a whole week to do it in! Hahahahahahaha…

I’m going to go lie down now.

* Or Bells and Sebastians if you’re that way inclined.