OK, so it's been a while since I posted anything. "Ah," I can hear you thinking - probably because you're not wearing that fetching tinfoil helmet you've normally got on - "You've been all boring and stuff, haven't you?" Well, no. I've been all windswept and interesting in such varied and exiting locals as Shetland, Guildford, London, Aberdeen, Fife, Glasgow, Inverness, and Frankfurt. International Man Of Beardy Write-istry, that's me.

What I've also been is Deadline's bitch. But that has now passed. Yes, that's right my little tinfoil-less friends, Book Number The Sixth (AKA: Dark Blood) is in for editing even as we speak. It has sodded off down to the big smoke to seek it's fortune like Dick Whittington, or Puss in Boots, one of the two. Anyway, it's not hanging around Casa MacBride any longer, making the place look untidy, which is nice. I shall find out if it's a festering sack of rabid weasel droppings, or not, in about a week or so. Till then I'm enjoying not being an International Man Of Beardy Write-istry. Nice though it is to see new and exciting places, if I never have to take my shoes, belt, watch, iPod, and trousers off to get through airport security again I'll be a happy Munchkin.

Seriously, why can't they warm their hands first?

But I digress.

So what am I doing with my new-found down time? Sleeping mostly. Sleeping and shouting at the television. I'm getting quite good at it - any time a politician or a member of the financial services industry comes on the idiot box they can probably hear me ranting in Dundee.

Soon I'll have to give up my sleep-and-shouting-style R&R activities and get on with planning Book Number The Seventh. Then there's the website. A friend of mine hosts it for me, but stopped supporting ColdFusion on the 1st of the month, so the whole thing has gone the way of the Norwegian Blue. Which means I need to either learn to programme in .Net for a change, or stick something slightly more static up. Then there's the Harrogate Crime Festival to organise. And the landing could do with mucho sanding and varnishing.

Or maybe I'll just go on swinging the lead till the lovely Edity Ninja Sarah gets back to me?

Hmm, decisions, decisions... I should probably sleep on it.

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