She Who Must Occasionally Take Some Time Off From Work So She Doesn't Go Retail On All Your Arses and I had a wee run in the car yesterday. Well, I'm 'between books'* and she's not at work so what the hell, we'll tootle around the NE of Scotland for a day like a pair of old farts out for a Sunday drive.

it's where fishies come fromWe've been meaning to go to Cullen for a while now, home of the famous Cullen Skink. Mmm, Cullen Skink, a lovely creamy soup of smoked haddock and potatoes, unctuous and full of fishy goodness. So we found a nice looking place, just off the main square, and settled down to order the Cullen Skink. Only the Cullen Skink, Cullen Stunk. How the hell could someone screw up the signature dish for a whole sodding town? The hotel chef managed to produce something that was weak, thin, full of undercooked boiled tatties, and had next to bugger-all fish in it. Grrrrrr... On my worst day, with a pair of angry badgers stapled to my gonads I could do better than that.

Then off to the wilds of Buckie to purchase many, many fishies for the eating thereof. If we can't get nice Cullen Skink in Cullen then I can damn well have it at Casa MacBride. Then, with a boot full of the aforementioned fishies we went on a magical mystery tour of small NE fishing villages.

Loads and loads of nice little locations for horrible, horrible crimes to be committed. I've already got a plan** for Book Number The Sixth, but I can definitely see at least one of them featuring in the not-too-distant.

But all this self-indulgent malarkey aside, I have good news: that interview I inflicted upon Adrian Hyland ages and ages ago has finally gone live on Shotsmag (to go along with the review). I think it's a fair bet that I'm not going to be taking over from Parkinson any time soon. Still, it's the thought that counts, right?

* Technically I'm actually 'between book', as I'm waiting on the line edit notes for Blind Eye to come in so I can go back to work on the thing. But if feels a lot more positive to say 'between books' as that way I can pretend I've actually achieved something.
** Well, as far as I usually have. Which isn't actually that much of a plan to be honest. It'll be more of a plan later, but for now it's sort of nebulous.

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