Murder and Mushrooms

Today I'm filling in for that terrible overachiever Zoƫ Sharp* over at Murderati. Normally Murderati posts are full of wit and wisdom on publishing and writing and all that malarkey. Not so mine. Mine is the usual unreconstructed ramblings of a man who should really get out more.

BUT - and it's a big one** - what you will find over at Murderati is the now legendary Mushroom Soup recipe mentioned on the cover flap of Cold Granite (the one people keep emailing me about). Yes, I'm finally breaking nearly four years of stony silence and coming clean on the soup front.

In other non-soup-related news, I have decided to fill my new-found free time by getting started on the dreaded BOOK NUMBER THE SIXTH! Speak it's name in hushed tones, in case you invoke its dreaded deadly dread. Or something.

Well, I don't know, do I?

*She can fly a plane,teach horsey dressage, build her own house, shoot things competitively, disable a cross-channel ferry, work as a professional photographer, kill you with her bare hands, and write damn fine books while she's doing it.
** Oh, post-related foreshadowing!

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