The Mucal fairie brings you bogiesI have a confession to make - I haven't got a clue what to do with myself. Which is different from my normal 'not having a clue what I'm doing', and therefore a little harder to deal with. Since I handed in the second draft of Book Number The Fifth, I've been something of a loose wheel. I've tried being ill for a while, I've sort of caught up on my reading, and I've cleaned all the squiggles off of my whiteboard, ready for BLIND EYE to come back from my editorial super ninjas. I've even thought about tidying up my study.

Right now it looks like I'm planning on opening an experimental landfill. Or a retirement home for little bits of paper. Wheel them out into the sunshine once a day and feed them coco, make sure they take their medication, that kind of thing.

I've even started in on the research for Book Number The Sixth, but for some reason, I'm having difficulty talking myself into sitting down and actually doing some serious planning on the damn thing. So instead, I'm sitting here house-sitting for my parents while they're away. They have the builders in* and as everyone knows builders have to be looked after with cups of tea, petted, and given regular exercise to stop them weeing on the furniture. Or something.

The down side is that I am stuck in a strange house not surrounded by my own things, or my cat. The upside is that most of my own things** in my own house need a jolly good tidy, and this is a perfect excuse for not doing that.

* And no, that's not a euphemism for anything dodgy.
** As opposed to communal things, most of those are tidy and hoovered and dusted and stuff. It's things what are solely mine that've been visited by the Messy Fairy. Who's a bit like the tooth fairy, only she doesn't take teeth away. Or leave you money under your pillow. So not a lot like the tooth fairy at all. More like the Mucal Fairie, who flits into your house in the dead of night with his buckets full of bogies to ram up your nose while you sleep. I mean, come on, how did you think all that yuck got up there?

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