Ash in black and white - in real life he's orange.This is Ash, Grendel's new cousin. We've not been in to see him yet as he's been ensconced in the neo-natal ward with a bit of a temperature, but they'll be letting him go home soon enough, to do battle with Shouty McShout-Shout and Thuggy McBastard.

I've no idea what his big sister Rowan will make of it all, though. I have a friend who was given into trouble by his mum for trying to colour in his brand-new baby brother's eyes with a magic marker. Not out of spite or anything, he just thought that blue would be a better colour for them.

She Who Must Be Consulted About Such Things and I are still in two minds about doing something similar. Not colouring someone's eyes in with a magic marker, getting a little addition to our household. The pitter patter of tiny feet. A baby sister for Grendel... only that's the problem. Little Miss has been the centre of the universe for four whole years now, and the thought of putting her nose out of joint gives us paws for thought*. I mean, what if they don't get on? What if they fight? What if Grendel breaks out the magic markers? It's not easy to do colouring in when you haven't got any thumbs. I suppose she could hook up some form of rudimentary sling using Velcro and duct tape, but it's still going to be difficult for her to hold onto the pen. And I don't like the thought of letting Grendel loose with a big roll of Velcro, who knows what kind of sticky-mouse-related madness we'd come home to?

Is it wrong that our lives are ruled by our cat?

* Aha, did you see what I did there? ... Yeah, well, I've still got completeandutterbastardingknackered syndrome, what do you expect?

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