In Which Our Bearded Protagonist Reveals That His Cat Has Got A New Cousin

You may have missed the news yesterday, buried as it was at the end of the posty thing on Moments in Crime, but Googling Brother and Sister-In-Law Kim produced yet another relative we're going to have to buy Christmas presents for. At 11:00 Ash 'HugeBunchOfMiddleNamesTBD' MacBride was dragged out into the world, weighing a quarter ounce off of eight pounds. Which is nearly four bags of sugar. Hopefully that means more to you than it does to me -- I'm always a bit bemused when people tell me the weight of their newborn infants. I'd be more interested in knowing what kind of foul language their other halves used whilst giving birth, and if the gentleman in question is ever going to be allowed back in the marital bed again.

But apparently Mother and Baby are doing well. Which is nice.

And so far I'm five for five on the posting front - one more day to go, then I can take my completeandutterbastardingknackered syndrome and sleep for a week. But if my editor asks, I'm working hard, OK?