As of the Monday

As you might, or might not know, FLESH HOUSE has just come out in the US of A, and to commemorate the occasion I've been roped into blogging on the St. Martin's Press Moments In Crime site from Monday. Well, not so much 'roped in' as 'threatened with severe physical thumpings if I don't'. The worst bit is that I've been committed* to doing a post a day, so I can't just slack off like I usually do here.

And that means I've got to come up with things to ramble inanely about every single sodding day for almost a whole week. A WHOLE WEEK! Which is going to be a real broken-glass suppository. But needs must when someone's threatening to slam your sinful-man-parts in a desk drawer.


But you can catch the first fun and frolics filled instalment here.

* Some people think I should have been committed years ago, but they're just jealous because the voices won't talk to them. Because they smell. Of poo. You hear that, jealous people? You smell all of poo, and you're made of poo, and when you talk, poo comes out! Oh hell yeah, I can do smack talk.

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