I suppose...

It feels weird posting about pretty much anything at the moment, but I suppose I should point your naughty clickity mice at the following: Mark Lawson's special Front Row programme from the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival. I think this is the last day you can listen to it, and I've avoided putting up a link because although I haven't listened to it, I'm sure I come across like a complete arse-biscuit.

I usually do. I'm on the sofa with Simon Kernik, Chelsea Cain, and the inimitable Zoƫ Sharp. All of whom will sound as if they know what they're doing. While I will sound as if I've been sniffing glue whilst sexually molesting a 'Tickle-Me-Elmo'.

But I've been threatened with violence of a violent nature if I don't do the linking thing. If you're careful you can probably stick your fingers in your ears and go 'LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!' whenever I start to talk. Plus there are lots of other clever people on the show, who aren't... you know... thick. Like highlights from the Balloon Game and some interviews.

Just remember to ignore everything and anything I say.