That ribald denizen of the audio-based blogosphere, Angie Johnson-Schmit has subjected me to her evil podcast of doom - In For Questioning. It sounds as if I'm in the middle of drowning in a bath full of custard, while having a rant about Rankin-based media cock-weaselry, and seeing how often I can say the word 'nipple!'

Not to mention insulting Allan Guthrie, reciting a wee verse from a potential new Skeleton Bob story (if I ever get around to finishing it) SKELETON BOB AND THE BIG YELLOW PLUKE!, and I also talk about naughty nakedness of the 'below the ankle' variety. Sinful.

One word of warning though: Angie promised me she wouldn't put any reggae on the soundtrack, but she lied. SHE LIED!!!

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