I has got meaty goodness

Well, it's been a year and a bit in the making, but Book Number The Fourth - AKA: FLESH HOUSE (it's a house of flesh!) - has started generating feedback. And some of it is very strange indeed. Or at least, different to what I'd expected.

The lovely David Stenhouse wrote a piece in Scotland on Sunday where he took a long hard look at the book and declared, "MacBride has written a highly convincing manifesto for vegetarianism" I did? I honestly didn't mean to. Really, I like meat* I am a confirmed omnivore. Any vegetarianismistical overtones are purely accidental.

But they must be there, because while trolling the interweb, looking to see if anyone hated the book yet (or had even noticed it existed), I came across the following on a vegetarian forum:

...I can't remember HOW the dream progressed to this, but suddenly I was eating a human hand. With the fingernails still on and everything. I now feel slightly ill, because it was raw and the texture of raw meat.. ew. I do know that in my dream I pronounced it "better than pork". I think I'll skip breakfast today, I still feel a little queasy...

Followed up a few posts later by:

...think I had my dream because last week I read a book where a serial killer was butchering his victims and selling them to catering companies/butchers. It was a really good book actually, it's called Flesh House. Veggies should check it out, we can feel all superior that we'd never eat human flesh by mistake...

Which is nice... I think... isn't it?

And at least now my test reader can rest easy that she wasn't the only one the book gave nightmares to. It looks like it's the kind of book that's going to be generous that way.

* And no, I don't mean it that way, you filthy perverts.

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