All longlisty

I keep meaning to post some indecipherable rambles about the launch last week, but the loom of deadline beckons me with its pointy claws. Though technically it's more receding than looming. Look as it drifts further and further off into the distance! Bye bye, deadline...

Anyway, I shall post about the launch sometime soon, thus massaging my already overburdened ego with stories about how everyone loves me, because I'm so great. *ahem*

Meantime, I have been asked to point out that DYING LIGHT has been longlisted for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award 2008. Now last year I got my backside roundly kicked up and down the bookshelves by Allan 'is that a squirrel in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?' Guthrie, so obviously I'm anticipating another crushing defeat. Ah yes, I'll be glaring in bitter jealousy from the audience at Harrogate this year, while someone else walks off with that wooden-barrel-o-fun. Oh and I'm planning on spitting in the winner's pint as well. You know, just for giggles.

Anyway, if you are so inclined, you can vote for who makes it onto the shortlist either by hauling yourself into your nearest Waterstones, or clicking on this item of linky goodness and doing it online instead.

Oh I am so going to get my backside kicked again.

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