Paperback Pimpage!

This week is a time of much joy for those of you with nothing better to do with your time than hang around bus stations, sniffing other people's seats. For now you can double your pleasure without putting your hands in your pockets. Well, depending on where you keep your money, of course. You might keep it in a threadbare sock, tied to your genitals, you might keep it in a small dog, how should I know? I'm not your keeper after all.

But wherever you keep your money, drag it out and skip ye henceforth to your nearest emporium of books and stuff where you can get a double dose of MacBridian goodness for your filthy cash*. Yes, not only is BROKEN SKIN now out in paperback (for you skinflints who didn't buy a hardbacked edition), but so is BURIAL GROUND by that diminutive pixie of naughtiness: John Rickards.

Broken Skin has rude things in it.Burial Ground is a book with many words in it.

"But, Stuart," I hear you say, "how is this Rickards bloke (who I hear does unmentionable things with goldfish) going to supply me with MacBridian Goodness? I am confused and dazed... and I think my sock full of money is cutting off the circulation to my naughty parts."

Easy - as you know, I gave John 'Spanky' Rickards his moment in the spotlight when I wrote BROKEN SKIN. Expect partial nudity and adult themes galore - as we join PC Rickards in his quest for the perfect pink PVC catsuit with optional nipple-clamps. Well, in order to exact revenge he has placed me in his new one: BURIAL GROUND, where I lend a much needed air of gravitas and class to an otherwise tawdry and filth-ridden novel.

So you can read about him in my one, and me in his. How nepotistic is that?

And I can recommend BURIAL GROUND to you all, not just for my sterling acting in it, but because it's actually a really good book. John is one of those writers you really can say gets better with every outing. BG is a tightly woven survivalist horror, wrapped in the twisted setting of a one-horse town in the middle of nowheresville USA. Expect gore, blood, sex, violence, and much in the way of nasty weather.

And if you get the paperback of BROKEN SKIN, you'll find a wee sneaky preview of Book Number The Fourth at the back.

Don't say I'm never good to you.

* Let's face it, if you keep your money in a sock tied to your willy, it's not going to be clean cash, is it? Probably all sweaty and covered in little curly hairs. No wonder shop assistants look at you funny.

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