She Who Must Be Reminded That Civilised People Chew With Their Mouths Shut and I went out to the pictures at the weekend. She bought the ice-cream and I bought a hoover (not at the cinema, obviously, that would be silly. They do crap vacuum cleaners there) and then we went to see Stardust*.

Which was actually very good. Yes, I could have done with less of Robert De Niro chewing the scenery with gay abandon, and Ricky Gervais plays... well, Ricky Gervais - same as ever, and some of the special effects are a little ropey, but it was still enjoyable. And Eddie Izzard** wasn't in it, which I always think is something of a bonus these days. But She Who Must Express Her Opinion On Things Not Always Relating To Horses and I would thoroughly recommend it - funny, engaging, romantic, and it buckles a fair bit of swash along the way.

And the ice-cream was nice too.

We're not sure about the hoover yet, it's still sitting in its various 'some assembly required' parts on the library/dining room floor. Grendel managed to overpower the last one, like so many fat mice. Only she didn't chew the back of the hoover's head off and eat its brains. Not literally anyway.

I had a showbiz moment when I paid for the new one - the man took one look at my credit card and said, "Good books." Which was very nice of him, but a little freaky. It's the third time in my life that I've been recognised. Once when I locked myself out of my hotel room in London (I've long since got over the embarrassment of having to go down to reception and explain that I've managed to wind up in the corridor while my door keycard thing is still in the room watching TV and raiding the minibar - it happens about every other trip these days). And once while ordering a pub lunch in Aberdeen.

By my reckoning that makes me a taller, sexier, beardier, and less inclined to believe we're all reincarnated aliens-ier version of Tom Cruise.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go jump on Oprah's couch.

* I'd link to the official sites, but neither of them work on my browser, so sod them. That'll teach Paramount Pictures not to do everything with me in mind.
** Good stand-up comedian, not so good actor. I mean, did you see Ocean's 13? I still have nightmares.

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