I'm off to Bellshill today, and taking the edit with me. It's the North Lanarkshire Word 2007 Festival and I'm down there doing much manly things of beardy goodness at 19:15 this evening. This means I get to spend about five hours on various trains, juggling a laptop and a huge pile of paper in my desperate attempt to get Book Number The Fourth all typed up and off to the great edit in the sky. Here's your hat, what's your hurry.

I did a radio interview for it yesterday on L107, and I was... well, let's just say that I forgot the golden, unwritten rule for radio interviews. It's not something I was told, it's a conclusion I've come to myself, only could I remember it yesterday? Could I buggery.

Don't stop talking till someone interrupts.

is the golden rule. Don't treat is as if it was a Q&A or you'll end up participating in lots of dead-air pauses as the person on the other end tries to figure out if you've finished or not. The DJ doesn't want a lot of back and forth - he/she wants five minutes peace to drink his/her tea and not have to yammer on the whole time.

But silly old Stuart forgot that yesterday and probably came across as a stilted twit. This does not make a good advertisement for a jolly night out. "Come see the stilted twit! Waste an evening of your life listening to awkward pauses!"

Ah well, live and learn.

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