Zombie Steel

DI Steel's back from the dead, and she's pissed! Pimps, pushers, prostitutes, paedophiles, and... and other people beginning with 'P' beware - she'll rip your head off and eat the contents!

who left the lid off that bloody coffin?

Aided only by the mysterious smell she produces and a small voodoo doll called 'Timbota' (who hides a secret darker than the underside of a nun), Steel shambles a fine line between homicidal cannibalism and Proustian whimsy in her unquenchable quest for justice, brains, and Martinis made with spinocerebral fluid.

Him gonna give her blood an' help and shit, Yeah...

Who is THE STARK MAN? Where did he leave his car? Why do none of his socks match? Only one person can find out:
(coming soon, from Channel 5)

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