Dirty tricks

In a cynical attempt to garner more votes for the TOP CNoTY award, Mr Allan Guthrie has stooped to writing Harry Potter Fanfic for Scotland on Sunday. He's also been planting dreadful rumours that the nervous-looking potato-man in this snippet from Legal TV is actually me! When you and I both know I'm much more suave and sophisticated*.


Luckily I can retaliate by posting this link to another of the Legal TV slots, where you can see Mr Guthrie in all his evil glory!

Would you buy a used car from this man? I think not. Mostly because he doesn't sell them, but it's the principal of the thing that's important.

In other news, the Edit Of DOOM is slowly creaking back into life again. I described this recently like giving a rabid badger a pair of pliers and inviting it to practice dentistry on your teeth, whilst simultaneously nailing burning squirrels to your knees... I think I may have been under exaggerating that one a bit. I probably need to work in something about standing up to your calves in raw sewage and angry seagulls.

Mmmm, tingly...And in otherer news I completely failed to post a link to the new, summer edition of Spinetingler. I blame the Edit, the edit blames the cat, the cat blames me, and so goes the circle of shame. And it's a bumper issue this season: definitely worth a good, long browse.

What fun!
* OK, OK, so I look like a Muppet who's in the process of being electrocuted. Did you have to bring that up? Jesus, some people...

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