Where Am Lovely Stuart?

Him am not hiding. Him am in GLASGOW! Well, not right at this minute. Unless you're reading this tomorrow -- my tomorrow, not yours (if you ARE reading this in your tomorrow, can you email me the winning lottery numbers when they come up? Ta.) -- in which case I might well be. Is it between the hours of 11:16 and 16:42? If it is, and it's Saturday then I'm in Glasgow.

Unless you're in one of those strange non GMT places, in which case you'll have to do the working out yourself. I'm not your mother, after all.

Anyway, the point of all this, before you started asking bloody strange questions about time travel, is that I'm going to be scrawling my merry way through copies of BROKEN SKIN what people have bought in Glasgow's very own COSTCO!

So, if you're occupying the same general location and time zone, why not come along and marvel at my beardieness? I'll be the shifty-looking bloke trying to eat his own weight in flumps at: COSTCO, 15 Cobden Rd, St. Rollox Business & Retail Park.

Don't say you haven't been warned.

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