Shetland, Sunny Shetland...

When I told people I was coming up her they all made that strange 'sucking air through the teeth' noise beloved of car mechanics, plumbers and jobbing builders the world over. "Hmmm," they said, "It's always cold in Shetland." They said, "Always cold and windy. You'd better take LOTS of jumpers."

And what do I get? Sunburn. My head is like unto an very attractive beetroot. Kind of a sexy bearded beetroot with little pink eyes and a slightly glazed expression from not sleeping a wink on the ferry. It's very shiny too.

You know what: Shetland is bloody beautiful. I'll bore the arse off you all with my holiday slides when I get back and can winkle them out of my camera, but for now let me just say: blue skies; puffins; white sandy beaches; paddling in the sea; and picnics. And that was just on day one.

OK, so today it's blowing a force 'OH JESUS...' and everyone's walking about at 45 degrees to the horizontal, but the sun's still beating down.

Nice place, nice people, and I'm definitely going to have to be on my best behaviour on the off chance I get invited back. When I'll have to take She Who Is Insanely Jealous That I Got To Go To Shetland On A Wee Boaty While She Had To Stay At Home And Work*

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go traumatize some fish. That'll teach them to lack rudimentary legs and functioning lungs. Can't be arsed evolving, eh? Lazy (and tasty) bastards.

*hey, I'm working too: honest! *ahem* Looks away, not able to meet anyone's eye ;}#

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