Shetland Ahoy!

Well, that's me bound for a good bit further north than I am at the moment. Shetland beckons, and who am I to resist the call of a whole island?

If you're of a mind to be up there (like, perhaps, that's where you live -- or perhaps you're an eccentric millionaire with some sort of doomsday submarine and fancy a quick break from trying to take over / destroy the world) then you can catch me on...

Then on Friday (24th) I'm in Peterhead doing a series of workshops for Adult Literacy tutors.

And on Saturday (26th) it's the great Falkirk Reader's Festival: Slaughter At The Stadium! It's Lin Anderson, Alex Gray and me providing a feast of talks, questions, and writing workshops, "aided and abetted" by Dr John Clark, forensics expert from Glasgow University. (Saturday, 26 May 2007, 12:30PM - 5:00PM, Tickets £5 from the Steeple Box office or any Falkirk Library, and for further details you can telephone: Falkirk 503605/504242) How much more fun could someone possibly have? With their clothes on. And no jam.

All this means that I'll probably be incommunicado till next Sunday, when I'll probably be too knackered to do much more than groan and make strange smells.

See: it's all go.

* Oh come on: don't you think he looks a little bit like scary old** Mr Wilson who used to run the fun fair?
** Not that Mark is old -- he's matured like a fine stinky cheese -- I'm just say he looks like the sort of person who'll dress up as a headless horseman just to spite nosey teenagers who should really be off shoplifting, collecting ASBOs and having drunken sex.