Today is the day of the grand sign-athon. Or hopefully a grand sign-athon -- I was plugging the signing yesterday on Northsound -- I'll settle for a wee bit of signage. A steady trickle... Just as long as today doesn't involve me sitting on my bum behind a big pile of books, pretending I don't care that no bugger's turned up. Ah paranoia, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Another thing that keeps on giving are those lovely people at the Crime and Investigation Network (SKY channel 531, Virgin 237) who've got five copies of BROKEN SKIN to give away!

Plus a small dent in the worry-wagon has been delivered in the way of a nice review:


Grim, gritty and great fun.

MACBRIDE is anxious that his third Aberdeen-based crimer won't sell as well as his first two.
He shouldn't fret. Fans of DS Logan McRae will be queuing to drive this into the bestseller lists.The Granite City is under siege again. A serial rapist gives the chaotic rag-bag of near-crazy characters that constitute the force a hard time, not to mention the bondage community.The characters on the job make for solid entertainment, not least the full-on lezza Inspector Steel.McRae stands out like a beacon of sanity, yet his life is far from straightforward. Grim, gritty and great fun.

John Wise

Thank you John, you're a star.

Everyone seems to be coming out in favour of DI Steel at the moment. Maybe I should just kill off Insch and go with her instead? That would teach the sweetie-munching sod.

Anyway, I must now go and make myself pretty for my public. God knows it takes enough work...

To the primpmobile!

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