Conga! Conga! Conga!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who turned up at the Union Bridge branch of Waterstones in Aberdeen yesterday lunchtime. Bleeding heck! I was expecting a handful of people, scattered randomly throughout the two hours I was going to be there. Maybe a couple asking where the toilets were, or if Costa upstairs were still serving coffee. What I wasn't expecting was a queue that wrapped all the way round the shop and a three-hour signathon!

Which was both humbling and extremely flattering in an ego-swelling, trousers and cheesecake fashion. If freaky.

When I showed up at the bookshop -- 15 minutes early to say hello to all the groovy dudes and dudesses at the bookshop -- I could see a line of people all clutching a copy of BROKEN SKIN. Aha, thinks I, this must be people buying books for the signing... how weird, seeing all those people buying the same book... Anyway, I blithely wandered off downstairs into the bowels of the shop to sign some of the pre-bought stuff. It was only when I came back -- crack on the stroke of noon -- that I realised the line wasn't the purchasing queue. They were waiting to get stuff signed. Oops... I could have started fifteen minutes earlier and saved a lot of people the extra wait.

Everyone was extremely nice, which is not bad going when you think that some people were waiting in line for over an hour. One nice lady had even managed to read all the way up to chapter eight in the time it took to get to the front of the queue.

And all the time I just couldn't believe that so many people would want to come out and say "Hi."

Afterwards She Who Must Be Allowed To Roam The Shops While Her Husband Is Being Freaked Out, and I went for a wee libation at Archibald Simpson (the pub, not the person -- he died a long, long time ago), then back to a friend's house for wine and chitchat, then on to the Light of Bengal (just five minutes from this theatre) for a slap-up curry. Hurrah!

Anyway, thank you again to everyone who came along yesterday. And I hope you remember: once the book's signed, you can't take it back ;}#

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