Jumpers and whisky ahoy!

From the 21st to the 23rd of May Shetland's population will be swelling from 21,990 to 21,991. And that extra one will be me! In all my bearded glory.

I have to say that I've always fancied a trip to Shetland, especially as I'll get to go on the ferry. Tooooot -- tooooot! All the way from Aberdeen. Which I think should give the whole trip a romantic feel, if tinged with seasickness and the smell of herring innards. I've been invited up for a positive plethora of eventy goodness.

On the 21st I'll be drinking whisky and talking to local writers' groups.

On the 22nd I'll be drinking even more whisky and talking to readers' groups in the Shetland Library.

And on the 23rd it's going to be some sort of strange ceilidh-style thing with musicians and local writers and hopefully yet more whisky in the library again. Hurrah! There might even be dancing. After I've got a few nippie sweeties in me, who can tell how the evening's going to turn out?

And then I get to haul my hungover arse back on the ferry for an overnighter back to sunny Aberdeen. Which does worry the hell out of me. I've got to be in Peterhead for half nine in the morning, but the boat doesn't get in till seven am. Worry, worry, worry... And the day after that it's the Falkirk readers' day! Eeeeek!

But Shetland should be a lot of fun. And one of the benefits of doing three events in three nights, is that I'll actually be able to see a bit of the place during the day. Which will make a bloody change.