Beware the Ides of August!

Ever since put BLOODSHOT up for pre-order I've been getting emails from people wanting to know if this is a new book? And old one rebranded? Something entirely different, like, say, a box of cornflakes cunningly disguised as a filth-ridden crime novel with optional nudity?

Nope, it's the US version of BROKEN SKIN. Identical in every detail to the UK version. Well except for the title, the cover and the first page of the story. Other than that? Identical. Like two peas in a pod. Only not quite so vegetably.

The best bit though, is that if you click here or here you see that Amazon are offering a special bonus deal! You can buy BLOODSHOT and BROKEN SKIN together for the bargain price of £20.00! That way you can decide if you like it better in English or American, and give the other one to a trusted friend. Or use it to squash snails.

But please: if you DO decide to buy both, don't then send me bitchy emails complaining that it's the same damned book, OK? Consider yourselves warned.

Now it's a nice sunny day; why don't you all go outside and play for a while?