And all who don't sail in her.

In lieu of a launch this year I'm going to be doing an signing avec occasional nibbles at Waterstones' Union Bridge store in Aberdeen. Not only that, it's going to be a Saturday lunchtime do (5th May, 12:00), so hopefully it's not going to end up being just me and the bookshop staff, milling about looking shifty and embarrassed.

I really did enjoy last year's eventarama at the University, even if it was a tad surreal, but you can't do the same thing every year, can you? It'd get repetitive. So this year we ring the changes. *ding*

The down side is that Agent Phil won't be putting in an appearance, and nor will James, or any of the HC contingent. Which does sadden me, but it's a hell of a long way to come, just to see some bearded freak scrawl his illegible signature over a bunch of books. Worse yet: there'll be no one to take She Who Must Be Shown How Civilised People Eat From Time To Time and I for our annual slap-up post-event nosh!

Instead, we'll be huddling at home, sharing a tin of Red Stripe and a tepid Pot Noodle.

Oh the shame. The shame!!!

But you can make it up to me by turning up here on the 5th of May bearing gifts of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh. Though if you're strapped for time, just the gold will be fine. I'm not fussy ;}#

Someone has pointed out that I was a twit and posted the wrong date. The signing of doom is on the 5th of May, not the 15th. That would be just daft, having a Saturday signing on the 15th. It's a Tuesday.

So the 5th! 5th of May! May the 5th! etc.

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