Ring Barb

Well, that interview on Crimezone.nl is up and I have to say it is funny as two monkeys fighting in a bath of porridge with inflatable popes. Or at least it is if you can't read Dutch and have to rely on Babel Fish to make nonsense out of things. Take this lovely intro, for example:

Fawn-coloured its, fawn-coloured ring barb [What? What the hell is a ring barb? Or don't I want to know... maybe he's being dirty?]. Only its optical device stands in the way an comparison with of the three musketiers [Eh? WTF? I'm guessing he means that without my glasses I look like Aramis, or Athos. But if it's Porthos he's in for a kick in the chugs]. A shot in heart and kidneys with humour which seems exclusively to at predestined. He loves beer, gin and Diet Coke and he hates Orwelliaanse the beings also Teletubbies called [damn right he does, sinister brightly-coloured bastards. Time for Tubby Custard my arse!]. Praise does good him, criticism makes him raging [which I think must be Dutch for depressed]. He cooks according to own say as ninja and have socks enough for an orphanage [??? I know I've got a lot of socks, but a whole orphanage? That'd be something special, wouldn't it? -- socks as far as the eye can see, all in various shades of used-to-be-black]. Concerning its age he does vague, but he has largely passed forty [BASTARD!!! I am not bloody forty! AAAAAAAAArgh! If I ever get my hands on that sod from the Sunday Times I'm going to THROTTLE HIM!]. For an interview the goedlachse shot takes largely the time. Stuart MacBride are gifted a narrator who does not shun the somberheid and darkness of the existence, but that by relativising kunstig weet to its humour to all sadness.

It actually gets sillier from there. Ah Babel Fish, where would we be without your surreal fiddling with language?

Right, I'm off to see if I can find a fawn-coloured ring barb on Google images. Though I'm a little worried about what I'm going to find...

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