Must be Monday

Apparently there's a survey out today that lists the most influential people in Britain. According to the woman reading the news this morning said survey puts Sasha Baron Cohen above Prince William in the league of influence. She was shocked that a comedian was more important than a member of the royal family. I was shocked that Prince Bloody William is on the list at all. No disrespect to the bloke (I've never met him, but I'm sure he's just spiffing) but who the hell is influenced by Prince William? Who, when faced with one of life's little dillemas, such as a faulty boiler, flat tire, or excessive flatulence sits and thinks: 'What would Prince William do?' No one. Any if anyone does, they should have all their pointy objects confiscated and be placed in a nice padded room till they show some common sense.

You know, for once I'd like to see newspapers be honest and say, "It's a slow news day; there's bugger all happening. So rather than make some shite up, here's a picture of a lovely kitten."

Another perfect example of 'WhatTheFuckery' is the brand-new prison they've just built in Merseyside. There's no staff, so they want to force prison officers from other institutions to work there. On overtime. The whole place would be staffed with people who've already done a day's work. WTF? Did no one think when they were building the place that they'd actually need... Oh, I don't know... SOMEONE TO WORK THERE? Better yet, they're threatening the Prison Officers' union with legal action if they don't comply. Brilliant. Then the place can be staffed by knackered, grumpy people who don't want to work there, but haven't got any choice. Can't see how that could possibly be a bad idea.

Of course a lot of people are blaming John Reid the Home Secretary, which I suppose is a bit unfair. You can't hand someone a bag of shite and then tell them it's their fault it smells. He does kind of bring it on himself though, being as he is an utterly unlikeable, belligerent, little cockweasel.

And before you ask: yes, I am in that kind of mood today.