The one-eyed terror box

With stoic presence of mind, and a hat lined with tinfoil, I've managed not to think about this TV punditry thing I recorded way back at Harrogate. Until now, which is pretty much when the damn thing's on. Tomorrow, Tuesday the 11th of December will be notable for two things in the Land Of The Beard:

where's Chloe? Can you find her? Hooo, Chloe?
  1. Trace's new book FINDING CHLOE is out from Liquid Silver Books.
  2. That Super Sleuths special on R.D. Wingfield's A TOUCH OF FROST is broadcast.

So as of tomorrow evening, anyone tuning in to ITV3 between 21:00 and 22:00 will be able to see a "Documentary looking behind the scenes of A Touch of Frost, which was based on the crime novels of RD Wingfield. Featuring a look at how the series fulfilled David Jason's desire to play a detective, with contributions from cast, crew and crime writers" Where one of said crime writers is bearded and probably shouldn't appear on telly when people are eating their tea.

I never could stand seeing myself in things: when I did the old acting malarkey I hated watching the inevitable cast video. I'd turn off the radio whenever the adverts I'd done voiceovers for came on. I wouldn't watch the safety training videos... OK, so I never actually needed to operate a Wellhead Pipe Clamp Thingie, but it I needed to, I probably couldn't, because I'd have spent the entire training video staring at the carpet with my fingers in my ears, going, "La-la-la-la-la-la-la!" So I don't see that this is going to be any less painful*.

Stuart MacBride addresses the ITV3 audienceI get the feeling I'm going to come across as complete and utter Muppet. A very enthusiastic Muppet. Grover -- I'm going to come across as Grover, only not so erudite.

And the worst bit is that as I'm on these damnable antibiotics I can't even drink myself into a fuzzy, warm stupor before hand. I think I may just have to go hide under a rock till it's all over. She Who Must Lie And Say I Didn't Make A Huge Tit Of Myself can watch it and let me know how it turned out.


* Mind you, other people used to tell me I was actually quite good… lying bastards!