Like unto an big festering boil...

Yes, things have come to a head at INoGITCH, only I'm the one getting squeezed, so I suppose that makes me the sticky yellow goop in this analogy... Hmm, that doesn't seem right. Anyway, I've been the filling in the spot, and the twin fingers of WORK and WRITERING have been squeeeeeeeezing hard, trying to squirt me out all over the bathroom mirror, like a squashed fly. (LEAVE THE PLOOK ANALOGY ALONE!)

So today I decided to apply the Clearasil and as such I'll be officially unemployed as of the 29th of December. It's a shame as I've really enjoyed being back at work, dealing with the old rabble, doing stuff with my brain, astonishing people with the holes that got drilled in my head. And the paycheques! Ooooh... the paycheques. How nice it was to know that the bills were covered with enough left over for a small packet of sherbet lemons and some cat food. But in the end I figured that Opportunity is only going to knock for so long, before it decides, 'To hell with this: I'm off for a curry!' never to be heard from again. Except perhaps as a faint, faraway farting noise. And the toe-curling smell of second hand Cauliflower Biryani. With Garlic Nan*.

That doesn't mean I won't be crawling back to INoGITCH in a couple of years if it all goes nipples-up in Write-ist Land, but for now I'm going to give it the old college try. Or I would if I'd actually gone to an old college, rather than a slightly whiffy university (and not for very long at that).

This year, part time almost write-ist with some project management thrown in for good measure. Next year penury!

* And no -- I don't want to encourage anyone to rub garlic into their grandmother. It's not wholesome and can cause offence.