In which the last day of the year is given a slap on the bottom

As the clock ticks down to zero hour and the old year prepares to clutch frantically at its chest complaining of numbness in the left arm and a taste of copper in its mouth, it's traditional to do one of those 'year roundup best of thingies' post. Soon 2007 will swoop down like a carrion crow upon the fresh corpse of the old year, eating its eyes and stripping the flesh from its skull, and asking if anyone has any mustard to go with the nose.

So without further ado, Halfhead is proud to presents yet another list:

Good stuff what did happen in 2006

  1. Books

  2. Things

As for next year, I already have a couple of resolutions in mind, top of which is 'READ MORE BLOODY BOOKS!!!' And maybe take the occasional afternoon nap. Have to keep my strength up for all that writing after all.

Have a good one!