In which it is begun

Yes, at long last the first words of Book Number The Fourth clickity-clacked from finger, to keyboard, to screen... and then presumably into some sort of whirry magnetic storage thing run by magical pixies who all live at home with their mums, wear glasses, Star Trek T-shirts and never get to have sex with anyone other than themselves. Or I may be generalising there.

So, if you're trivia orientated (you saucy minxes you) the first word of Book 4 is 'The'. If you don't count heading and things, then it's 'What'. But we do count them, so 'The' it is.

In COLD GRANITE it was: 'Dead'
And BROKEN SKIN: 'Sex' or 'Up' if you're Mr Pedantic Trousers

This makes 'The' my most popular starting word with 50% of all Logan McRae books starting with the definite article. Perhaps that's not super-interesting right now, but when historians look back on this moment, trying to apportion the blame, they'll have hard facts to base their wild inaccuracies on.

And just in case you're interested, I wasn't wearing my new surgical scrubs while I wrote that tremulous, portentous first word, because I got onion gravy on them last night at dinner. This means you'll just have to close your eyes and imagine what I was wearing instead... mmm... OH! Your imagination has cold hands!