Dude, like, chill!

I was going to post about the Ipswich murders and being in the strange and somewhat depressing position of watching similar crimes to ones I’d made up for DYING LIGHT happening in real life, but that’s maybe something for later. Instead I’m going to clamber aboard the old pimpmobile and thrust my groin provocatively at the Dutch.

Dood Kalm - a tweedy book if ever there was oneYes, I’ve just been sent a copy of Uniboek’s fiction catalogue and it looks like the book’s going to be called DOOD KALM (which is a seriously cool title and makes me think of The Big Lebowski, Shaggy from Scooby Doo, and of course: Iowa).

According to the write-up in the catalogue, “Logan McRae – de held uit Steenkoud – is terug in deze ijzersterke, met galgenhumor doordenkte, tweede thriller van Stuart MacBride.” I’ve no idea what a tweedy thriller is, presumably something where geography teachers save the world from terrorists hell bent on stealing all the globes from their classrooms and replacing them with nuclear bombs carved in the shape of Mrs Ritchie from the maths department. Or something. It certainly sounds like the sort of book that has leather patches on the elbows anyway.

Who could argue with that?