By the hairy scrotum of our risen Lord!

Yes, I've actually done some work on Book Number The Fourth today. Not a huge amount, it must be said, but more than bugger all, which is something. Due to the nature of the beast in question I've been mapping out the past history of the case, which goes back for decades, so there's quite a bit of it. I suppose I could just make it all up as I go along (and I'll probably end up doing a lot of that anyway), but this way it feels like I'm a proper write-ist what does plan stuff and things.

Of course, helpful though this will be to the finished article, it's all just faffing about. What I SHOULD be doing is making with the big decision: the one that will determine the entire feel of the book from Logan's perspective. It's a sod whichever way it goes, and I'm still very much in three minds. Some of which have holes in them*.

But I need to get this stuff ironed out quickly and get on with the book, or I'm going to be no further forward than I was with Book 3 by the start of the year and mighty will be mine wailing and gnashing of teeth, as my editors remove important -- and fun -- parts of my anatomy with their Berber spoons!

Maybe going back to work wasn't such a good idea after all? Still, I just have to hope that my return to INoGITCH represents a return to my former wordcount levels.

If not, I'm screwed.

* Damn -- nearly managed to go for a whole post without any post-operative whining! Better luck next time, that's what I say...