I was perusing JamesO's blog this afternoon and came across the link he'd nicked from PBW -- the Secret Lover Generator. And in the interests of avoiding my having to actually use my brain to come up with words and stuff, I went off and tried said thing. Only I put in characters from detective novels.

So, in a shameless space-filler, Halfhead is proud* to present:

DS Logan McRae's secret paramour

Logan McRae's secret admirer

Hmm, thinks Stuart, wonder who DI John Rebus gets up to when nobody's watching...

DI Rebus gets jiggy with it

So far so good. Then, in the interests of fairness I tried John Rickards' Alex Rourke. it's a flash thing, so you have to click on the link. Yes, I could sod about and take a screengrab and trim it down and load it up, but the idea is to cut back on the amount of work I have to do, not make it greater. But go on, click on the link. It's worth it. And surprisingly appropriate, given what I've done to PC John Rickards in book 3.

And last, but by no means least, Mr Billingham**'s DI Tom Thorne.

Tom Thorne had been spending way too much time with Hendricks...

* Well, maybe not proud, but what the hell...
** Blessed be his name and holy be his underpants