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Well, it seems the internet isn't quite as dumb as it smells. Yes, for it can tell that I'm not in the USA right now*. Which is just as well, because if I'm in the Americas, who the hell is the bearded bloke living in my house, playing with my cat and sleeping with my wife?

But I'm pretty sure it's me, because he's got knackered sinuses and a whiteboard completely devoid of any sort of plan / map for book four. Poor sod.

A lot of people have been emailing (well, maybe as many as five) asking how my return to work has gone. To be honest, this week's been a bit of a pain in the bum, as instead of having my three days a week in one block, it's been Monday, Wednesday and I'll be back in on Friday again. So there's no real time to settle into anything at home. Next week it will be better.

Other than that, everyone's been really nice at INoGITCH, no one seems inclined to hold the whole buggering off to be a write-ist for a year thing against me. At least not that I've seen. Then again, they weren't inclined to invite me out to lunch either. Bastards.

Which brings up a really odd thing, something I hadn't considered before I actually got back. INoGITCH is putting a serious dent in my online social life. It's a bit 'conservative' when it comes to website access. I had a mate who used to work here, and he was given a serious talking to by HR for visiting a website called 'Furniture Porn' where they have hot, un-upholstered chair-on-chair action. He nearly got fired for that. So I'm looking at the list of blogs I visit on a daily basis and I'm thinking to myself, are any of these work appropriate?

You know John's out for a start; Tammy's usually pretty sweary free; James occasionally talks about people having sex in the woods, and sticking his finger up sheep's bottoms, so he's out; David has a go at the Current American Administration from time to time, so nope again; Sandra posts rude jokes... and so on, and so forth. And Hotmail's banned from the off. So no internet badinage for poor Stuart at work. Instead he has to... well... work.

And I suppose they are paying me for it, so it would be churlish to complain.

Anyone else having fun at work, or is it just me?

* Link shamelessly nicked from Duane Swierczynski