Like unto an finger in the eye...

Yes, in book-flavoured news: the new name for the US edition of BROKEN SKIN has been confirmed! Sound ye thy bells and thy strumpets for BLOODSHOT. So there you go. I no longer have to worry about coming up with some sort of moniker for the thing until someone tries to translate it out of English and into something a little bit more exotic. Then we'll probably have to go through the whole painful process again. Plus there will be a teeny tiny difference in the text this time between UK and US versions. Not much, but a little.

In non-book-flavoured news we have become infested with in-laws this week, as She Who Must's parents come up to help finish off the spare room. When I say, 'help' I do of course mean, 'do everything with the occasional hindrance from some bearded halfwit'. Well, it's traditional isn't it? Normally I would be more help than a chocolate jellyfish, but I've been doing the acknowledgements for BROKEN SKIN / BLOODSHOT, and some last, last, last minute alts. But now it is done! Hurrah! No more fiddling... at least until the page proofs come back. Then there will probably be more fiddling. But I'm going to try hard to resist the urge this time.

Bad beardy boy: naughty!

And relax.