Good God man, these aren't the Dark Ages!

Well, in the run up to more 'fun with surgery', I've been looking at all they happy invasive things they're planning to perpetrate upon my unsuspecting noggin. The one I'm most not looking forward to is the bilateral functional endoscopic sinus surgery with right frontal sinus trephine. Which is a fancy way of saying they're going to hoik a disk of bone out of my skull with a drain-rod. Now isn't that what everyone looks forward to?

The best bit about it, is that if the procedure goes wrong (and we're not talking hugely wrong either, just a little bit wrong) then you end up with an internal puncture and all that lovely, salty fluid your brain floats in, drains out through your nose. Spwoooooooosh! My brain has enough difficulty operating at the best of times, without being in dry-dock. Mind you, I suppose I could have all the barnacles scraped off at the same time, so it wouldn't be a complete loss.

Still. Things and stuff and all that.

12 days to go...