All Hallows' Eve

Something inside my head has gone 'click' and it's about bloody time too. It's been a while since the old subconscious has pulled its socks up and actually done some work on Book 4. Well, to be honest, it's never done any work on Book 4. Lazy subconscious brain thing. What do I pay it for?

I think the turning point came this weekend when I was able to stay in the middle of Aberdeen, rather than up in the back of beyond where She Who Must Be Kept Away From Civilised People and I live these days. And as the book's going to be set twixt Halloween and Bonfire Night now is the time to be rootin' about in town. Visiting the housing estates with a video camera and a winning smile. And just the faintest whiff of egg.

There's something strangely inspiring about wandering round the place the book's going to be set, and finally the back of my head is stepping up and doing its job. I've got little fragments of dialogue popping in-between my ears. Tiny snippets of scenes. And I finally know what to do with the start of the damn thing too. Hurrah!

Of course, this means that I've got to start writing the book now. Probably just as well: I want to avoid the disastrous deadline rush I had this year with BROKEN SKIN. Still, as long as I avoid any of that nasty open nose surgery stuff, I'll be fine...