Inflicting Beardiness on Germans everywhere*

the book in German, cool, no?From today people should be able to get their mittens on the German edition of COLD GRANITE, or DIE DUNKLEN WASSER VON ABERDEEN (the Dark Waters of Aberdeen) as it's to be known. If my soup-addled mind remembers correctly, Random House in Germany were the first people to pick up foreign rights to all three books, so it's been a long time coming, but they've been determined to wait for the best translator, rather than rush into things. Which is cool. Fingers crossed it does well for them and I get to do some sort of tour with beer, bratwurst and more beer. October would be a good time. There's lots of beer about then.

The edit's going slightly faster than it was, but it's still like pulling pubic hairs with a pair of rusty tweezers. Still, only another one hundred and seventy one pages to go and it'll be done. And I'll curl up in a little ball, like a mouse that's just gorged itself on a whole pile of candles and pooped behind the fridge, and sleep and sleep and sleep. Or not as the case probably will be. I'm off to Gordon Schools in Huntly on Friday to give another talk-type thing. Have to remember to be on my best behaviour. No swearing, or drinking absinthe before going on. That way leads to trauma and lawsuits.

But fingers crossed BROKEN SKIN will be wheeching it's way to the HarperCollins Spoon-Wielding Berber Ninjas before then. And in the meantime I still need to come up with an alternative title for the US market. Any suggestions? Main themes are bondage, murder, rape and curry. But not necessarily in that order. Not that I'm asking you to do my work for me, or anything... *ahem*

Soup du jour: Spicy Texan Kidney Bean topped with grated cheddar and fresh tomato salsa. Mmm, beany, and more than enough for another bowl. Maybe it'll be breakfast tomorrow? That's got to be healthy.

* As long as they're in Germany.