You want freaky? I got your freaky right here...

Japan TitleYes, the wierdarama continues. I wasn't expecting anything in the post today, but a burly bloke in a delivery van turned up with a big package of Japanese Cold Granites. Well, I say 'Cold Granite', but I honestly haven't got a clue if that's what the thing's called over there. Could be pretty much anything, "Bearded Monkey-Man Writes Poop!" is a distinct possibility.

Japan Cold Granite coverUntil this afternoon I though this version wasn't going to be published for a year or so. And even then I didn't expect it to look so odd... OK, so I should have, not only is it a completely different language it's a phenomenally different character set. It doesn't bear any relationship to anything I can actually read. And that's cool, but a little scary at the same time. They've printed it on slightly yellow paper, so it's a bit like a tiny telephone directory, and for all I know that's what it is. I thought the Norwegian version was freaky, but at least I could recognise some words there. Here -- I've got no bloody chance.

The only thing I'm pretty much be certain of is that the black band at the bottom of the book says something about Ian Rankin. Just so we can infuriate his Japanese fans as well ;}#

So there you go -- my head has swollen to the size of a rampant cantaloupe and there's one less country safe from my beardy tentacles of DOOM!