Like unto a ROCK STAR!

The initial dates for the Stuart And His Performing Beard Band world tour of America are in, and it's going to be a mid August romp of booze, buffalo wings, groupies and debauchery. Well, it's going to be about a week in the mid-west, but the principle holds true.

I was thinking of wheedling an extension onto the end of the trip, delay the return flight so I could disappear off into the hinterland of these US of A to do some research for a book, but the Edinburgh Book Festival is four days after I fly back, probably three after time dilation and gin-induced jetlag, so that's that gone for a Burton.

Still, I could see about getting the flight in shifted I suppose. But then SMP would have to trust that I could get myself back to New York for the 15th. Would you? No, neither would I. Mind you, it'd be a shame to waste the opportunity.

The thing is: I think I'd need to enlist a cohort / co-conspirator / someone sensible to avoid it turning into a complete and utter disaster. And who in their right mind is going to volunteer for that?