A lack of dedication

You remember a wee while ago I was in Dublin, visiting Brother Scott and his family, and She Who Must Be Invited To More Things and I were asked along to a party held by the American ambassador? Well, being the bearded twit that I am, I said I would send the ambassador a copy of my book as a thank you. Apparently he's been asking Brother Scott to do him a deal on a copy for ages -- probably just being polite, but you never know.

Now the dilemma is this: as a foreign diplomat he's entitled to be called Ambassador Kenny. It his title. But I'd feel weird scribbling on the title page, "To Ambassador Kenny and family, All The Best (illegible scribble and a picture of a teddy bear doing something unwholesome)" Seems a bit... impersonal, doesn't it? If I get a book signed by an author -- and I've only ever done this twice* -- I wouldn't want it written out to "Mr MacBride". What would be the point? Though I suppose I could pass it off as a birthday / Christmas present to my father when I'd finished reading it. Mind you, as he's called Stuart as well, I could probably just do that anyway...

So, do I go for, "To James, Margaret and family; thanks for inviting us to Courtney's birthday party, we had a great time! (illegible scribble and a picture of a small dog saying something inappropriate about underwear)" or something more formal?

Come on then, what would you do?**

* First time it was Terry Pratchett when he came to Aberdeen God knows how many years ago, and the second was the blessed St. Reginald Hill at last year's Harrogate crime festival. And I felt like such a geeky fanboy both times.
** He said, expecting the usual faint whistling sound as tumbleweed rolls by.