Freaks (part the second)

I can’t think of a single writer who doesn’t like to get email / notes from the people who read their books. I’ve been lucky enough to get some lovely messages from people who probably seem perfectly normal to their friends and relations. But I’ve also started to get bloody weird ones too. Like this one, for instance:

gay rape posted this on Friday 02-Jun-2006
We are wellocme to it's configuration. --*

WTF? No, seriously: What The Fuck? Who goes to the trouble of tracking down an author’s website and leaves a message like that?

The only thing I can figure out is that said person is either unhinged, or off their tiny tits on mentholated spirits. Seriously, Dude or Dude-ette – we’re not misogynistic here – go back on the tablets, go see your doctor, therapist, or whoever it was that put you back on the streets and tell them it was too damn soon.


* Naw, not really: I changed that bit, but the rest is the same.