Fish Fingers

Today we have the good news, and we have the bad news. On the good news front today marks yet another visit to the Sinus Surgeon O' Doom (yes, I know that doesn't sound like very good news, but were trying to keep a positive spin on things). On the bad news front I'm back on anti-bastarding-biotics for a month. A MONTH! (Seethe, wail, nash of teeth, and production of assorted nasty odours)

On the other good news front, all the nasty surgical goo that was rammed up my hooter has finally finished its glacier-like journey from just under my brain out into the big wide world. On the less than good news front, my sinuses have decided to celebrate this act by getting themselves a mastadonic infection, so even thought the bloody stuff's gone, it still feels just as bad.

On the otherer good news front, I spent Sunday in the garden with Simon Kernick and some very cold beer (not the same as a hot bath with Allan Guthrie, as there's less grabbing and 'oops where's the soap?', but still very enjoyable for that). And continuing with the happy news for monkeys theme I've got an infected thumb!

Yes, and I know that REALLY doesn't sound like good news, but it means I get twice the bang or my antibiotic bucks! How great is that? Not very, but come on, give me a break: the glass is half full, the glass is half full… And how did this infected digit come about? Remember that fish I bought off the woman with the skelpt-arse face? I was taking it out of the bag to give it a wash, prior to indulging in a little culinary piscine lurve, and got one of the nasty little bugger's barbed back fins stuck in the ball of my thumb. Cue bleeding and swearing. And today it's all purple and makes me look like Little Jack Bloody Horner, post pie poking*

Still, mustn't grumble…

* In a wholesome non-American Pie kind of way.