It's our wedding anniversary today -- eleven years I've been putting up with She Who Must Be Put Up With, I'm due for beatification any day now.

As a special treat we went to the Taste Of Grampian event to freeload on samples of beer, wine and tasty things. Mmm, tasty things... and ended up spending a fortune. But we've come home with lots of nice things. The only downside was the woman manning the fish stall, who had a face like a skelpt arse (as they say up here) and spent 50% of her time sending text messages on her mobile phone. I'm of the opinion that if you can't be bothered being nice to people then retail probably isn't the career for you. Go be a telemarketer instead, where your face isn't going to scare the fish. Plus you get to piss people off the whole day and burn in the firey pits of hell when you die. Like those bastards who keep calling to ask if I'm the person who pays the phone bill. BUGGER OFF! I don't call your house and ask if you're the one who buys bloody books, do I?

The fair was good, and only one place had the temerity to charge for wine tasting, so we went to the Cairn O' Mohr stand and tried all of theirs for free instead. Then bought most of them.

Anyway, it's time to get cracking on a romantic dinner and associated cheese. To the kitchen!