Sort of, but not really...

I've got one more chapter to write and NDC (or Broken Skin to give the thing its approved title) will be done. Well, the first draft of it anyway. But first I must fiddle. I don't know if it's a obsessive writery superstitious thing, or not, but I like to finish a draft when I put the final full stop at the end of the last chapter. I don't want to type that final dot and then go back to fiddle with things, like write new scenes or tweak the ones I've already got. I like that sucker to be finished. Full stop. Period.

So yesterday and today I are been mostly going back to mess with a couple of things in the darkest bowels of the book, rummage about in its viscera before I start writing the last chapter. But the end is in sight! I can see it! Can you see it? Look real hard and squint a bit... there, to the left -- that's it! Hurrah!

Which is nice.

OK, so I've got some line-edit stuff to get through (which is what happens if you ask your publishers to look at the thing before it's finished) which will mostly be fighting the battle of 'like' versus 'as if', before I can get to the last chapter, but it's so close I can taste it. And it tastes of chips and Irn-Bru.

Then when it is finished there will be the traditional printing out of the thing, and popping the cork on a bottle of reasonably-priced Australian sparkling wine. Traditions have to be maintained after all.

Right, come here you nasty little line-edity buggers, I've got something sharp and pointy for you!